14 comments on “Just SHAVE Your Legs!

  1. Happy you decided to write a blog! I love your adventures…they always make me smile, sometimes cry thinking of all you go through.


  2. Hilarious story, I felt like I was there! Just FYI, as a nurse myself, nobody cares much in the medical field about personal hygiene. The reason being is that most people who stay for very long in the hospital have less than stellar hygiene, plus we see the occasional homeless person who rarely showers. You were most likely fresh and rosy in their eyes.

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  4. I’m laughing so hard! You have the most entertaining writing style. Also, I thought I was the only one this happened to. EVERY TIME I’ve been to the ER or in any other situation where I had to change into a hospital gown, my legs haven’t been shaved. It must be a thing. And then last time, I was going in for an MRI and was determined not to be caught hairy-legged again. So I shaved like mad 15 minutes before leaving for my appointment, only to get there and be told that I could leave my pants on under the gown.


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