6 comments on “The WORST Flu Experience EVER

  1. I have no words, except..you Win??!! THE worst flu epidemic in one house that I’ve ever heard! I’m not a quiet, dainty puker either!! I even gross myself out, and that’s why I shut off lights and run water in sink! Not sure if it works for me, but possibly for the first floor occupant(s) Still, the hubs doesn’t have that kind of discretion or consideration when He’s sick for sure!!

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  2. Wow! That is a story deserving of a night of wine and bubble baths …and that’s just for the kids lol. I have a family of 6 and yep if it hits one it hits us all and somehow I’m the one who doesn’t get taken care of. Great read.

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  3. I’m living with you when the world ends because I wouldnnot have thought of the garbage bags in the toilet. I prolly would have gone for a 5 gal bucket.

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    • What can I say, it was my blind squirrel moment. That, and way back in the day I wrote an article on how to survive after a disaster without water. The answer is pretty much heavy plastic bags and bleach.


  4. Oh, Meg. This would happen to you, wouldn’t it? I agree with @1orangevest. I would not have thought of that at ALL.

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