9 comments on “My Identity: The Joker (aka Giggle Inducer)

  1. OMFG!!!!!! ” and your mother is being about as romantic as a hemorrhoid!!“
    dear lord……spitting coke, peeing and falling out of my chair! gawd!


  2. Am I the friend who shot fireball out her nose and then punched you? Because I feel like that would be something that happens frequently with us…

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  3. I was six months pregnant and visiting my brother in NY. We were each on a twin bed and he proceeds to light a fart as a source of entertainment. I watch the blue flame light up his pants back to front with an audible “WHOOH!” I crack up at the audacity of burning bits off and he cracks up from the face I made watching him light up his bits. We are laughing so hard at laughing so hard that we both fall off our individual twin beds. Every time we catch our breath we look at each other and scream-laugh-cry again, complete with miming gestures. My six month pregnant self mostly does not make it to the bathroom literally two feet away and more hilarity ensues. It takes a good hour to be able to hold a conversation of any type without cracking up. To this day we still tear up about it.

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