6 comments on ““HAPPY” Tax Day

  1. Oh, this was a wacky ride! I’ve been on both sides of the owe/refund fence. Including having “donated” (HA!) my share of refund to several items on this list. Perfect write for today.

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  2. Nothing like filing early on two of the three taxes so that the “refund” goes to pay the tax bill on the unfiled third. Thanks, hubby’s workplace, for having only one side of a two sides taxation worksheet!!!!!


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  4. Just to let you know that vet bill was 3,000 dollars between TWO horse disasters. One a torn tendon with an extremely guarded recovery due to a major hip injury four months later (he not only survived but is now 28 and back nearly 100%) and the other who managed to get one one centimeter puncture would RIGHT in her vein and bled through two pressure bandages at which point I called it and she needed stitches. Emergency vet bills are insane!!!!


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