6 comments on “Taking off my Mask…

  1. Hugs to all, especially you!!!! Rms 15:4&5 we have endurance, comfort, and hope from Jehovah! He watches over you and the fam, this I know.

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  2. Ask your doctor about Asperger’s Disorder. It sound’s like your son and my nephew could be twins in their reactions to things. David was finally (at age 10) diagnosed, received meds and counseling and is having significantly less problems at home and school.

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  3. Thanks SUZE. I’m going to have him tested for the whole gamut, but trying to get in anywhere quickly is proving challenging. So far after 7 calls, the soonest is in 2 weeks. If things keep up like the last 2 days, I don’t know how this I’ll go.

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  5. Lots of love. So sorry about this. Poor little thing. “Mimi” is always gonna be around for y’all. Also, that poem was just incredible. =)

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    • Thank you darling. Wish I could take credit for the song. Famous comedian Charlie Chaplin wrote it, and my favorite version was sing by Judy Garland. Check it out on you tube sometime


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