11 comments on “Raised in Chaos… 7 Females = NOISE

    • No. Lol. But man looking back those stories are hilarious, and as much as I hated them back then, I really have bonded with mom and SexyG over them (the spankings) now lol. Probably because I realize how amazing they are for ONLY spanking me…and not KILLING me lol


  1. ” compared to us, you ARE normal” Haha… When I was growing up, my family liked to joke that we were all crazy, and being a kid, I actually thought we were…. looking back, I guess we were a little bit, lol. We only look normal to the outsiders, lol 😉

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      • Haha, yes it does 😉 I spent most of my growing-up years living with my grandparents, my grandfather with dementia…. it was quite interesting, lol. And of course once my grandma got Alzheimer’s, she thought I was the Olsen twins, lol, one of us she thought was nice and the other she didn’t like, hahaha.

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      • I was, even if she didn’t think so, lol, I had to watch to see if I was getting the stink-eye or not to figure out which twin she thought I was that day, haha! Overall I didn’t mind living with them, like you said it teaches you a lot, even if I did wish I didn’t have to share a room with my mom, lol (from 11-19… I was so ready for my own room, lol!)

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