23 comments on “Different is NOT “Wrong”

  1. I am a sucker for cheeky sense and sensibilities – will be dropping in often that is if you don’t have any objections ‘buddy’ ? I have to warn you tho that I am wont be following your advice to JSML – I am ‘different’ and err too old for it to matter 😉

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  2. what? I HAVE to wear the Holy panties! wish more people thought the way you do…and please don’t purchase a taser..one day I may tell that little story. then again I may not. *spoiler* it does indeed hurt*

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    • Oh geeze I said holy when I meant holey lol!!!!! There you go Suze you can buy Holy Panties with your godly money. And I look forward with bated breath to your taser story.

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  3. This is an important post. I especially liked the bit about pain and how everyone experiences it differently. As someone with PCOS, I used to want to strangle my friends who complained about their cramps, but that’s really not okay. I realised that after my mother received her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I can’t imagine the pain she undergoes, and yet, she’s one of the most empathetic people I know. She has never once rolled her eyes at someone for complaining about their pain or how tired they are. I really admire her, and I strive every day to be more like her.

    Anyway, sorry for taking off with that. I just really thought it was a great thing for you to bring out. 🙂

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    • Thanks hon! Isn’t PCOS HORRID? I really just want to tear my ovaries out. am with you on wanting to strangle cramp complainers lol. People look at me weird when I tell them that if I could have one superpower, it would be to touch someone who is complaining and allow them to feel someone else’s pain, whether emotional or physical. That would hush them. Thanks for “taking off”, I love comisserating with people who “get it”.

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      • Gah, it’s the absolute worst, it really is. That would actually be a pretty world-changing super power when you think about it. It’s that whole “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” but like magnified so much. The more I think of it, the more I like the idea of a superhero that goes around making people feel other people’s pain. And like if the villain was hurting someone, you could make the villain feel their victim’s pain. Just brilliant. Well, I’m off to think about that for the rest of the day. 🙂

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    • LOL thank’s hon!! In all honesty I’m about ready to taser some people who still have stigmas over mental/ emotional difference. So if I can’t PHYSICALLY shock some sense into them, I’ll attempt to verbally do it 😉

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