8 comments on “Cursed Pale Irish Skin Problems

  1. oh you poor thing! (snickers and guffaws) I so understand (no I don’t I tan at the drop of a hat)…poor baby we need to find a super-duper sunscreen for you (or we could just keep snickering)……….I got the red hair (deep deep auburn) from my Irish side BUT have native american and black in my background…….(still snickering)

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  2. Ouch that must hurt – hope you are better now. Despite being dark (er) i get both heat and cold rash. Btw you look cute err especially the red nose 😉


  3. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE!!! You’re right- Jade does NOT burn, she has NO ABILITY to burn. People go: “Hey, come sit out in the sun! Come tan a bit!” They don’t get it. THEY DON’T. I am as crunchy as Lay’s potato chips. I don’t TAN. I turn PINK.
    Lots of love… Burned or not burned..


  4. I am part Native American and Irish and while my arms tan beautifully, my legs however do not tan at all. I also burn easily and always carry sunscreen in my purse and apply it if I’m in the sun for longer than 5 minutes because I know I will burn. I feel your pain! I have tried everything under the sun to tan my legs with no results.


  5. I am 1/16 Native American and have the Irish skin. Being part Native American doesn’t help you. I have to use an umbrella in the sun and wear 50 spf. Also, finding makeup foundation is a challenge. To make matters worse, I’m 9th generation American.

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