12 comments on “I’m not Crying… My Eyes are Sweating

  1. And I must say I got a lump in my throat and misted up my glasses reading your tender and thorough account. I’m sending this to my friend who was an incredible principal of an incredible school. I am so glad you are giving these wonderful teachers their due. I’m also reblogging it. Good job, mama. And, we don’t blame you for shedding a few tears.

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    • Thanks Judy! These poor women are probably sick of my emotional raving, but as a wise friend once told me: “when someone does something nice for you, it nice. But when someone does something kind for your kid, it fills your heart to a whole other level.”

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      • You did a great job of reporting. No one wants to hear about someone else’s kid… but you made us want to hear your story. It was very touching and very well written. You get a gold star. Do they still give those in primary school?

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  2. That was awesome! I’ve been a high school English teacher for 10 years and when I was just subbing, I did a day in 4th grade. I was in tears by the end of the day- I can only imagine even younger. I never subbed that young again. Lol. So well written and a true testament to the teachers about whom you write.

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  3. So.. Onto elementary, I see?? Wait until you get to middle school.. These teachers anymore are killing the students with stacks upon stacks of homework. They’re teaching algebra in 1st grade when the parents learned it in 9th!


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