10 comments on “THAT’s Why I don’t Shower in the Morning

  1. I love your bravery to talk about the things most women are taught to not speak about because it discomforts the males who we are supposed to be impressing (and started the whole don’t ask/don’t tell in women’s hygiene).

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  2. You are hilarious! I am new to word press and your post came through my feed! I’m so glad that I stopped by your page. Your story is quite interesting I almost thought I was reading a story out of Cosmopolitan! I too am learning that its best to shower at night…with an 11 month baby girl trying to get both of us ready in the morning -_-…

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  3. I don’t have kids, but neither do I do half those things during a shower. Damn Am I lazy 😀 😀
    Great Post!! NutMeg!! Really clever name 😀 😀


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  5. Hey Meg, I’v new to your blog but I am already really enjoying the content. You have a very conversational tone, very informal, which has its virtues and downfalls (but really, you’re funny). One thing that I couldn’t help but notice, however, was how the color and single-spacing format you chose is hard on the eyes. My only suggestion is to maybe fiddle around with everything to make it easier for your readers to read for longer. Really, just this post made my eyes hurt a bit… Best of luck!

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