3 comments on “Put It DOWN!!!!

  1. One rule in my house: My boys (my son and my husband have to sit down! And the bloody seat stays down!). It took me a while to make my husband understand that rule. Well… he had to clean, and clean, aaaaand clean all the nice sprinkles left by him pee-ing standing up. He did not like the mess. I’m sure he didn’t like my explanation where this mess came from. So I told him: You sit down, no mess, I clean again. I don’t care if they stand up pee-ing anywhere else (sometimes I’d prefer to do it too, looking at some bathrooms…) but not in my house. My daughter grows up with the guys sitting down and I hope she will have the confidence telling her partner one day to do the same. I actually wonder which mother in her right mind let’s her boys stand up??? It makes such a mess besides the fact about falling into the loo!

    I had a good giggle reading your post 🙂


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