About The Warden of the Nuthouse

If you are wasting your precious time reading my ramblings, I suppose that I owe you a bit of an explanation as to why I am the way I am, and what to expect. My name is Megan, and I am the oldest (experimental child gone wrong) of four girls. I am convinced that on May 24, 1982 the baby parts and talent department was running low on both. For instance, I’m told that most people are born with a filter, which keeps certain things you shouldn’t say in your head. Well they must have been out of those and someone thought it would be funny to give me a MEGAPHONE instead. Also, it seems that on that day all of the GOOD talents (ambition, beauty, studiousness, singing, dancing, athleticism, etc.) which would lead to a lucrative career were gone. Instead, I got a wicked snarkastic (snarky and sarcastic) sense of humor and ADHD to go with it. Lucky me.  OH yeah, as a result of having ADHD in the 80’s, I was never medicated so I apologize in advance for jumping around like a hyperactive SQUIRREL on a sugar-high.

I’m CONVINCED that some distant ancestor either forgot to carry an old lady up a hill, or MAJORLY ticked off the cosmos, because, as you will see… No luck. Also, I’m petitioning to have Murphy’s Law (if anything can go wrong, it will) renamed to MacDonald Law.

This leads me to the title of the blog- “Just Shave Your Legs!”. I’ve decided that if I could only impart one phrase of wisdom to my daughter, it would be to “just shave your legs!” As nothing bad will happen if you are prepared to look decent in a hospital gown. If you aren’t…well the first blog will reveal the rest of THAT story.

Why would I write all these awkward embarrassing things down for everyone to see? There are many reasons, but here are the main ones:

1- It’s MUCH cheaper therapy than a shrink.

2- When I’m depressed, or everything is going wrong, sometimes it helps to think on a situation that is worse than the current. Hopefully this will help give someone else that perspective.

3- You can never tell what people are going through, or how they are really feeling  on the inside, even if they appear to be a constantly happy comedienne.

4- Laughter is the best medicine…if you can’t afford prescription meds or alcohol 🙂


How can you be unhappy when being hugged by a Wookie?

So to sum things up, this is a blog on life from the perspective of (deeeep breath): a LOUD, snarky, dramatic, poor, “unlucky”, nerdy Star Wars loving Sicilian/Irish, wife/mother who has no filter but plenty of ADHD, PTSD Induced bipolar, passion, sarcasm and humor.

Basically: read at your own risk, and although everything is based on a true story, these are just my ramblings for therapeutic and entertainment purposes, so don’t take it as anything more.


8 comments on “About The Warden of the Nuthouse

    • Why thank you darling!! I’m always appreciative of those of us who were dropped on our heads hard enough to laugh at life! So grab a glass of wine. Sit back and enjoy the ride 😉

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  2. “laughter is the best medicine…if you can’t afford prescription meds or alcohol:)”
    Not all of us are lucky enough to convince the doc’ we need (okay, want) Prozac, OR have a stomach that agrees with alcohol. Laughter is my best bet–which is probably why I find your blog so charming.

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  3. “How can you be unhappy when being hugged by a Wookie?”
    Dunno, depends on how bad the suit smells. 😉


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