Frequent “Megisms” Glossary

I tend to say things frequently that I make up, so I thought I would define some of the more common people and terms here.

Aria- My feisty, sassy little daughter.

FaceJack- Highjacking someone’s device and posting a bogus/funny Update to their Facebook page.

HELLthCare- The term I coined referring to health care after 2013. Also known as the 45 day period when 40% of the US population has to signup for coverage by January 1. I should petition Merriam-Webster to add this one to their next edition:

Jon- My ever-patient and tolerant husband.

Jonah- My sweet, sensitive son.

Mediterranean- I use this to refer to someone of Greek, Lebanese or Italian descent.

Megism- A word or phrase I created to convey something.

ObamaCrap- My name for “Obama Care”.

PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sarcasm Font- I say a LOT of things sarcastically, so anything in Italics is a sarcastic remark.

Sexy Grandma- My currently 95 year old Sicilian Grandma. Her favorite color is red. When anyone asks her why, the answer is always the same: “because it makes me feel Sexy!” Because of that, I dubbed her “Sexy Grandma” or just “Sexy” for short about 12 years ago and it stuck and spread like wildfire. Side note: people look at you very oddly when you 4 year old daughter yells in the store: “MOM CAN WE GO SEE SEXY NOW?!”

Snarkastic- An artful combination of sarcasm said in a snarky way.

SQUIRREL!- My ADHD took over and I lost my train of thought.